Kauffman FastTrac – 12 Week Course

JUMP: A 12-week course of Kauffman FastTrac curriculum delivered in a blended format of traditional classroom and virtual participation. Participants can expect to complete five modules that help them launch their business. The gain a basic understanding of Ideation, positioning themselves in the market, committing to their business concept, Refining the Business through Financial Projections and Launching their business into the marketplace. Additionally, participants walk away with a completed business plan, three years of financial projections, and the ability to publicly pitch their business. Includes online course portal, classroom binder, a professional headshot and certificate.

Second Stage Business – 12 Week Course

ASCEND: A 12-week course for second stage entrepreneurs who are ready to grow or scale their business beyond the start up phase. Participants can expect to complete five modules that focus on in-depth Financial analysis, Information Technology and it’s uses in business, Products, Marketing Strategic Plan and Infrastructure/HR Management. A full intensive course facilitated by seasoned entrepreneurs, vetted industry leaders and participants are matched with mentors to walk a long beside them.

Networking Event for Entrepreneurs
Great Connect is a free event held annually in the fall!