Our Mission:

“To equip and train low to moderate income African American entrepreneurs to start or grow their business to sustainability through practical and sound fundamentals.” 

EBB (Entrepreneur Business Basics) accomplishes our mission by providing workshops, training sessions and resources facilitated by successful entrepreneurs, seasoned corporate executives and thriving organizations focused on entrepreneurship.


Through KNOWLEDGE, entrepreneurs engage in hands on workshops and training sessions of basic business skills including:

  • Business Plan Writing
  • Market Research
  • Brand Development
  • Accounting Basics

Through EMPOWERMENT, entrepreneurs gain access to valuable resources, including:

  • Certification Application Assistance
  • Chamber Connectivity
  • Networking Know-How
  • Effective Marketing

Through WEALTH, entrepreneurs can continue expansion. Support is available for:

  • Capital, Wealth Management, Loans and Grant Education
  • Proper Bid Process
  • Contract Readiness
  • Scale-To-Growth
  • Remaining Relevant


Entrepreneur Business Basics is a subsidiary of  Integrity Designs, LLC.